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Dear @chaturbate,
You have a big troll problem that's costing you time, money & resources.
Here's a simple solution: Require an email / phone for all accounts.
It's easy to do and will solve the troll & bot problem.
Please rt & like
Luv ya!
#chaturbate #FreeChaturbate
13322 months ago
miserable sorry ass existence... Nobody gives a fuck about u or your fucking pussy bitch ass threats...
12 months ago
@slutdaddiesnex1 ... Fuck u ,, u really are a pathetic miserable little dick loser... Pretty much the definition of a lame fucking human.. who's life must be pretty fucking depressing.. I hope u be receive just as much misery as u have given,, now go eat shit and continue on with
12 months ago
I just posted new content on my profile. Check it out @MegacamsPromo
22 months ago
slutdaddysfavorite's Nude Pics #slutdaddysfavorite #leakedchatgirls #CamsPlace
2 months ago
Find someone who makes you laugh as hard as they make you cum 💯🔥
363002 months ago
cum play with me @Mrhighnnasty ,, you can get intouch with me on skype..

312 months ago
shiftnote is a pissy dark blue who is quick to tip 25 to downvote you and insult you if you don't jump to say hi to him. @#cammunity #ChaturbateScam #chaturbate
22 months ago
@jumpforce25 @Broly336 @ExoticManXx @DreamBearSo @RuniMawen @BigTittyBabes_ Thank you 💋
112 months ago
Slutdaddysfavorite : slutdaddysfavorite, Pornstar page, Live chat, Videos https://slutdaddysfavorite.
2 months ago
gayforladies (several variants on that). Light purple. Likes to tip singles. If he doesn't think the model is responding quickly (or correctly), he tips up to 25, tells the model that he's going to leave a negative rating and bitches. #Cammunity #ChaturbateScam #Chaturbate
212 months ago
haleyshookhow (dark blue). Wants a free PM to tell you how much he wants to spend on a Private. When he doesn't get a free PM, gets abusive and insulting. #cammunity #ChaturbateScam #Chaturbate
12 months ago
disingenuoustittiess (light purple) and haleyshook (dark blue) are the same butt hurt guy. PMs models, demands a response, insults the model. Never tips. When kicked, comes back with the other account and blasts model. #cammunity #ChaturbateScam #Chaturbate
12 months ago
babes please stop low-balling your prices and giving shit away for free... there’s a difference between making affordable/reasonably priced content and undercutting everyone else in the industry. pls value yourself and your content properly PLEASE
232 months ago
smutpeddlarz is a light purple who PMs. if he doesn't get a response he says "I guess I'll spend my tokens elsewhere." Unless he gets an immediate PM, he begins to insult the model. #cammunity #ChaturbateScam #chaturbate
12 months ago
buttfuckery is a light purple who gets butt hurtery if the model doesn't respond. tipped 3 singles, she didn't answer him so he tipped 25, said "enjoy the thumb down" and left. #cammunity #ChaturbateScam #chaturbate
12 months ago
folllow up on buttfuckery (dark blue). if he feels ignored, he tips 25 to downvote THEN comes back as butfuggery (light blue) to give the model another down vote. insults her both times. #cammunity #ChaturbateScam #chaturbate
12 months ago
Be on the lookout for anyone looking to take you "off site" to help you. Other than Chaturbate and Snapchat(not personal snap) I would be cautious. Especially google hangouts which could expose personal info. The following user is trying that currently
392 months ago
The latest "I'm going to give you a negative if you don't pay attention is ewwtitties and ewwwtitties. same guy has been making nearly identical accounts to downcheck models twice. He tips from both accounts, thumbs down, then leaves. #cammunity #ChaturbateScam #chaturbate
112 months ago
aiightimoutiguess PMs the model, gets pissy when she doesn't respond. If he gets kicked, comes back as didyouseriouslysilenceme and tips 25 to give a thumbs down. #cammunity #ChaturbateScam #chaturbate
12 months ago
actualsimidhillon is a light purple asshole. Tips minimally. If the model doesn't immediately jump on his underpaid request, he goes to ALL CAPS and tells her that he's going to down vote her. #cammunity #ChaturbateScam #chaturbate
12 months ago
Just a general word of advice. If a guy wants you to to click on his profile and "follow" him, he's probably jerking off live or has dick pics that he wants to show off. Make the cheapskate pay for it. #cammunity #ChaturbateScam #chaturbate
122 months ago
nahyoulearntoday is a troll. PMd the model. she she told him her price for PMs, bitched her out in chat. "Guess I won't be spending my tokens here." What did we learn today? He's an asshole. #camunity #ChaturbateScam #chaturbate
12 months ago
mormonssfortittiess (dk blue) and trashheauxcleanup_ (lt purple) is the latest two name asshole who gets pissy if you don't pay attention, tips to downrate you, then comes back with the other name to tip and downrate you again. #cammunity #ChaturbateScammer #chaturbate
12 months ago
nahurbanned and goodcallretard are the latest names used by the "I'll give you a thumbs down twice" if he doesn't get his freebie. Actually tips 25 from each account just to give a negative rating. #cammunity #ChaturbateScam #chaturbate
12 months ago
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